Monday, February 14, 2011

蘋果優格冰砂/Apple Yogurt Slush with M&Ms

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I decided to cook at home for this Valentines Day since it’s raining like crazy outside in Vancouver today.

I started thinking what to make for dessert on Valentines Day.  Although we have a hyper little one running around everywhere in the house, I think it’s still important that we all have something sweet to celebrate our loves and passions. Nothing melts a heart like Valentines Day chocolates. 

It’s really rainy outside and I want to make an easy dessert with ingredients that I already have at home.  The only chocolates we have at home are the M&M's that we bought from Costco during the holiday season.  We always have apples and yogurt in the fridge, so why not Apple Yogurt Slush with M&Ms?  It’s delicious and easy to make!

Ingredients (this is enough for two people):

·      1 apple
·      1 cup of yogurt
·      1 cup of ice
·      1 cup of vanilla ice cream 
·      ½ lemon
·      A few M&Ms
·      1 tsp honey (optional)


1.     Core and peel the apple and cut as small pieces. 
2.     In a blender, add apple yogurt, ice, ice cream, honey and squeeze the lemon juice and blend to a high speed to desired consistency.
3.     Transfer to a glass or dessert bowl.  Add M&Ms and enjoy!