Sunday, February 27, 2011

芒果杏仁冰砂/Mango and Almond Smoothie

Ever since my 20-month old discovered ice cream and frozen yogurt, she always asks for it.  If I refuse, she will say, “mama please, mama please!”  If I refuse again, she will use her last trick and look with a sad expression and say “Mama...  I love you!”  When she says that, my heart melts and I have to give her something.  

Tonight she tried her trick so I thought why not try to make her something like ice cream but healthier.  After going through my fridge, I came up with this Mango and Almond Smoothie.  Since we already had dinner I used ice instead of milk so that it's not as heavy.  If you want to make a thicker Mango and Almond smoothie, just simply follow the same recipe and use milk (or almond milk) and a scoop of ice cream or yogurt instead of water.

Ingredients (this is enough for two people):

·      1 mango
·      1 banana
·      20 raw almonds
·      2 tbsp honey
·      1 cup of ice
·      1 cup of water


1.    Peel the skin from the mango and banana and chop into small chunks.
2.    Add all ingredients into a blender.  Blend on high speed for 30 seconds until mixture is creamy.  Pour into a glass and enjoy.  You can also refrigerate until you are ready to drink it.  Just give it a quick stir or blend if it settles.

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