Monday, February 14, 2011

雪菜干絲炒牛肉/Mustard Greens with Bean Curd-strips and Beef

This dish looks like fried noodles, but it’s actually a stir-fried Tofu dish so it’s much healthier. This dish is very tasty and goes well with noodles as well.  The mustard greens are already salted so a little bit sugar will bring out the spunky and soulful taste of mustard greens.


·      6oz shredded bean curd-strips
·      5oz preserved mustard greens (You can find this at most Chinese grocery stores)
·      5oz shredded beef
·      1½ tbsp olive oil
·      ½ tsp Low-sodium soy sauce
·      A quarter tsp sugar

To marinate the beef:

·      ½ tsp low-sodium soy sauce
·      1 quarter tsp sugar
·      1 tsp cooking wine
·      1 tsp cornstarch water


1.     Marinate the beef for 10 minutes before cooking. 
2.     In a nonstick medium saucepan or a wok, heat oil over medium-high heat.  Add the marinated beef to cook, until the beef is ready - about 6 minutes.  Add mustard greens, bean curd-strips, soy sauce and sugar.  Mix everything evenly, and then transfer to a serving plate.  Now you are done!

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