Saturday, February 26, 2011

豉油雞小波菜沙拉 /Soy Chicken Salad with Mandarin in Ginger Dressing

Recently, I have been so busy with my little hyper girl because my nanny got the flu this week.  With my little 20-month old running around, I had to make a meal really fast so I decided on this salad for dinner tonight.  It took only 10 minutes to make and my little daughter even got to help by peeling the oranges (even though she snuck a few into her mouth before I could add them to the salad).

I based this recipe on Asian chicken salads that I've seen on menus and already tried at Western restaurants.  My version is a little bit different than what you may have seen because I use Chinese soy chicken, which I bought from a local Chinese restaurant.  Soy Chicken is chicken slow roasted and marinated in soy sauce.  It is often seen hanging in shop and restaurant windows in Chinese restaurants and freshly sliced when ordered.  It is very popular in Hong Kong and each restaurant has its own taste and recipe.

The ginger salad dressing is a very common staple at Asian grocery stores if you can't find it at a local store.  The ingredients are fresh and each piece of orange that you bite into will make you want to eat more and more.  This salad is also great for parties because it can be kept in a room temperature for a couple of hours and it’s very easy to make.

Here is a photo of Version 2 of this Soy Chicken Salad.  I just added strawberries and blueberries and they tasted delicious in the dressing.  Even my daughter had a lot.


·      5 oz boneless Chinese soy chicken (you can use BBQ chicken instead if you don’t have it)
·      5 oz baby spinach leaves
·      1 tbsp dried cranberries
·      4 fresh mandarins peeled into segments
·      2 tbsp walnuts
·      Half oz mint leaves
·      Half oz basil leaves
·      1 tbsp chopped green onion
·      A few radish sprouts
·      3 tbsp ginger salad dressing


In a large mixing bowl, shredded the chicken by 
hand.  Add spinach, dried cranberries, mandarin, walnuts, mint, basil, chopped green onion and the dressing.  Mix everything evenly and then transfer 
to a serving plate and garnish with radish sprouts.  Now you are done!

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