Saturday, March 5, 2011

涼拌魷魚/Spicy Squid Salad

I grew up by the Yangtze River in Mainland China so I didn’t get to try real seafood from the ocean until I was a teenager.  Today I live in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada - which has fresh seafood all season and I love making seafood dishes.  I learned a lot of Chinese seafood recipes when I lived in Hong Kong and while travelling to other provinces and I love to mix different flavors and ingredients together.

I love seafood because seafood doesn’t have a lot of calories or fat and it is rich in protein that your body needs to be strong and healthy.  Seafood is delicious and comes in so many varieties so if you love seafood you will never get bored of eating it.  If you want to keep fit, seafood is the best choice.

This dish is very simple, takes about 10 minutes to make and you can also serve it along with other salads too.  The dressing also goes great with a bowl of rice.  If you ever throw a party this salad will also be a great addition because it can be kept in a room temperature for a couple of hours and it’s very easy to make.


·      10 oz squid

For the dressing:

·      ½ tsp minced ginger
·      2 chopped red chili peppers
·      1 tsp minced garlic
·      2 tbsp soy sauce
·      1 tbsp vinegar
·      1 tsp sugar
·      1 tbsp sesame oil


1.     Pare and clean the squid, cut light crosses on it and slice it.  (You can also buy the pre-cut squid from Chinese super market like what I did.)
2.     Mix all ingredients for the dressing.
3.     Bring half a medium pot of water to a boil.  Blanche the squid till it rolls up only about half a minute.  Drain the water from the squid and then transfer to a mixing bowl.  Mix everything evenly.  Transfer to a serving plate.  Now you are done.

I served this dish alongside some Mini Cucumber Salad which you can find the recipe on my Recipes page.  Now enjoy this Spicy Squid Salad.

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