Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Recipe for A Mother's Love

Before becoming a mom, I had no idea what it's like when you have a child depending on you.  I thought I just had to feed her when she's hungry, and put her in the crib when she is tried.  I thought my life wouldn't change much having a baby.  The reality is that there is no selfish sleeping-in any more (I'm talking about every day).   I can't enjoy anything unless she is enjoying it.  My heart breaks when I see her crying.  My heart melts when I see her smile.  Although there is a lot of sacrifice, I love being a mom.  I can't imagine my life without her.  Being a mother has changed the way how I look at the world.  I want to help and give back to others, our communities and our future generations.  That's the reason why I have built this blog.  Because I believe that every journey not only begins with a single step but also a good meal.

It was another busy day for me – taking the baby to the playground to playing, reading to her, making baby food, cooking for my family, bathing the baby and putting her to sleep.  

Now it's 9pm and it’s finally my time!  I have been waiting for this time since I woke up this morning.  Although I only have 2 hours of my own time after the baby goes to sleep, it means so much to me.  But at this time of the day I realize, that I’m already missing her so much and I can’t wait to pick her up tomorrow morning and start a new day.  I love her with all my heart.  

This was when we all went for dim sum and Valentina freaked out at a waiter and vomited all over herself and the table.  If you think she looks upset you should have seen my husband who got vomit all over his suit when he picked her up to comfort her.

This was Valentina playing with the stick from a frozen yogurt bar at home, she was so happy and wouldn't let any one take the stick away.  She was actually more interested in the stick than the yogurt!  Doesn't matter how hard the day is as soon as I see this face my heart melts.

Valentina was so happy when she finally found where we hide two containers of her favorite dried fruits.

This is Valentina's nap time and it's my favourite time because I finally have some time to go blogging now :)  She is so quiet and peaceful with her favorite Hello Kitty toy.  Ever since Daddy bought it for her she can't fall asleep without it!  

Like mother, like daughter posing for the camera.  My beautiful baby Valentina snacking on french fries and me - the proud mommy.

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  1. Love the way u express ur care and motherly love on to your hubby and kid. :)